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    2021-03-24 16:13:08

    產品說明 Product description

    通常工業性粉塵濃度達到一定程度 ( 即爆炸極限 ) 時,如調靜電放電火花或處界點火等因素時,則極易導致爆炸和火災。同時在除 塵器運行中的空氣粉塵含有較多水份和油性、吸濕性和易溶解性粉塵,在粉塵表面出現清灰困難,而該針刺氈結合了防水和抗靜 電兩種針刺氈的優點與普通濾料相比,不僅具有防油防濕特性,而且具有防靜電的效果。

    Usually industrial dust concentration reaches a certain level (that is, the explosion limit), such as the case of electrostatic discharge sparks or other factors such as the ignition point, it is very easy to cause explosion and fire. At the same time in the operation of the dust collector dust in the air contains more moisture and oily, hygroscopicity and easy dissolution of dust, the dust appears on the surface of the clear and difficult ash, and the needle felt combines the advantages of waterproof and anti electrostatic needle felt and ordinary filter compared, not only has oil proof and damp proof characteristics, but also has anti- static effect.

    技術參數 Technical parameter

        名 稱 Name

        三防滌綸針刺氈 Three needle felt

        材質 Raw material

        滌綸纖維 / 滌綸導電基布 Polyester fiber / polyester conductive fabric

        克重 Weight    450 - 600g/㎡
        透氣性 Air permeability    200 - 300L/㎡ ·s@200Pa
        徑向拉力 Radial pull    800 - 1200N/5x20cm
        緯向拉力 Weft Tensile Strength    1000 - 1600N/5x20cm
        徑向伸長 Radial elongation    <35%
        緯向伸長 Weft elongation    <55%
        電阻表面 Resistance Surface     4.8
        YX10 體積 YX1O Volume    8.7
        摩擦電位 Z 大值 Frictional potential Maximum value


        V 平均值 V Mean value    183
        面電核密度 me/㎡    3.4
        使用溫度 Use temperature    ≤ 130° C
        過濾風速 Filtration velocity    1.0-1.2m/min
        后處理方式 Post processing method    燒毛、壓光、熱定型、拒水防油 Singeing, calendering, heat setting, waterproof and oil proof